Knowing how much CBD to take can make all the difference when it comes to effectiveness. Before that, of course, you should have already figured out a few things about your CBD, such as what form you’ll be taking, what you’re taking it for and hoping to achieve through its use, and finally which product you have settled on trying. If you haven’t yet done these things, please follow the corresponding links to help you make those decisions.

Who is taking the CBD?

Since CBD dosage is determined largely by weight, it really does matter if the patient is an infant or toddler, an adult, a cat, a hamster, a dog, or even a horse. (Yes, you really can give CBDs to many creatures.)

If you’re dealing with a small child or animal, you will likely measure milligrams per pound (or kilo) of body weight. In some cases, if you’re dealing with a tiny being, you might even want break it down into mg per ounce. When dealing with adult size humans, you will probably measure mg per 10 lbs.

For extra large creatures, such as a big ol’ horse, I’d definitely recommend measuring per 100 lbs. You’re also going to want a stronger formula to begin with, to make dosing easier. For instance, instead of using a low mg dose you’ll want to find the strongest formula that’s meets your needs. Anything over 1000mg strength should do the trick.

What type of CBD Product have you chosen?

It really doesn’t matter all that much what form of CBD you’re taking, but dosage will vary by product type. A gummie is generally a lower mg strength than an oil or a tincture. Likewise, a more concentrated product, like a paste, is going to be much higher mg per dose. This is important, only because if you are treating a mild condition in a small child, you’ll probably want a gummy. If you’re treating an infant, you’ll need something in an easy to swallow, gentle formula, like a lower mg tincture or oil. To treat a severe condition in an older child, adult, or large dog, you may decide that the higher mg paste is the way to go.

You also want to keep in mind how fast the CBD product of choice will take effect, and how long those effects will last. Again, different types of products will naturally vary in these areas. For example, if you’re treating an active seizure, you need something strong AND fast, but not necessarily long acting. A strong mg tincture might be best in this type of situation. When treating general anxiety or depression, something longer lasting is preferred. In this case, how quickly it takes effect, may not be of as much importance. These all are considerations that should be made that will directly effect dosage. Decide what strength product is best, and what form will best meet the needs of your situation.



What is the Strength of the CBD?

As you should be aware by now, CBD products DO come in different strength formulas. This will be essential in correctly dosing. Make sure, when buying a CBD, that you select one that will make dosing efficient. Don’t buy a super strong formula to treat a small child, and/or mild condition, and visa versa. Due to the ever-growing options, you can easily get formulas as low as just 5 mg per dose, all the way up to 1,500mg or better. That’s quite a huge difference, so make sure to choose wisely.



The Standard CBD Dosage

All specifics aside, there are general usage guidelines you should start with. Just remember, these are only guidelines, and you may find that you need to adjust, up or down, to meet your own unique needs. Always begin with the recommendation as your base line. Give it a chance (enough time to see a difference), and then make gradual adjustments from there. In general, as dosage is primarily determined by weight, the same rules of mg per pound will apply across the board from humans to other animals.




Need an EXTRA large dose (up to 5000MG)?




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  1. It’s a quality post and you wrote about information that I was looking for exactly. Thank you for this great article and I’m coming back to your website to read your feature posts.


  2. Great post! Very timely for me as i was looking for how much will i be needing if i take an oil or other forms. Your site is very informative. Thanks for sharing this article.

  3. I didn’t know much about CBD oil until I read this post so thanks for the information provided! Very useful.
    So if I understand right, you can use the same type of CBD oil for both animals and people? Is that right?

    1. Thank you. Yes, in general you can, but they do make specific CBDs for pets as well. The only reason it would be an issue is if the specific formula you had contained an ingredient not safe, or recommended for pets, so you’d really just have to read the label before using CBD that’s not specifically labeled for pets.

  4. Hello Freya! I was first introduced to CBD at my last job. However, I didn’t know that there were so many options out there especially dosage strength. I also never considered giving this to my pets.

    Do you know if there is any research out there about CBD and especially for children or pets? Like how old a child must be before it is suggested to start giving them CBD?

    Thanks for this post!

    1. While official research is limited due to lack of interest from the FDA and pharma industry, it is generally considered safe for people and pets of ANY age—even for pregnant and nursing moms. Using the cannabis plant as medicine is an age old natural treatment that goes way back, however, it’s still mostly unstudied in modern western medicine. There are some out there, however, and more being done due to the growing popularity of CBD.

  5. Thank you for the informative post!

    My mother uses CBD oil to help with her back issues and I have tried some in the past and it works wonders. It had taken me a bit to convince her that something like this will work a lot better than her previous experiments because she was iffy on the idea of just pot in general.

    A little research goes a long ways.

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