Okay guys, so I share a lot of information and insight into the various aspects of the CBD market. Now it’s YOUR turn!

That’s right, I want to hear from you. Let’s get the conversation started!

—What are some of your personal experiences with CBD products?

—Do you have a favorite brand or product?

—Do you have a question regarding CBDs?

Whatever it is, let’s get some dialog rolling. I want your feedback, comments, and questions!

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  1. I know that this doing a lot of good for people but my question is do think that it might or is getting out of control being everyone complains about medical problems so they get it prescribed or it can become another epidemic like opiates?

    1. I think you’re thinking of medical marijuana, which contains THC. This is about cannabis from the hemp plant, which has almost no THC. It has medicinal qualities without the high. 🙂

      1. I suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteo Arthritis and Bilateral Parathesis at a very young age, all of which are commonly treated with drugs that Cancer patients use. These drugs tear apart my immune system and make me horribly sick. I’m not supposed to be around my own school age children because if I am and they catch some common cold from school and bring it home to me and I catch it then it could be a death sentence for me. I’m not supposed to go to work for the same reason. I guess they expect a mom of four with responsibilities and bills to take care of to live in a bubble which is not an option. The medicine does not even stop the progression of this disease that will eventually put me in a wheel chair, unable to feed myself or even clean my own body still at a young age when this happens. CBD has anti inflammatory properties among many other properties that have been recorded to not only slow the progression of this horrible illness but in some case even reverse the effects of some of the damage that has already taken place and without any horrible side effects like the other medications like: hair falling out, loss of hunger, substantial weight gain, severe loss of energy, unable to stay awake, dizziness and passing out while walking, loss of vision, loss of breath, extremely vulnerable to any and all illnesses and infections all of which could be a death sentence in a matter of days of catching it especially in cases like mine where you are allergic to antibiotics. These aren’t even the uncommon or rare side effects. These are the ones that are on the “you will definitely have” list instead of the “you may possibly experience” list. CBD is a life saving gift for many people.

  2. I used some CBD hand-creme yesterday at a friends house but not on my hands. on my shoulders and I felt so much more relaxed in between my shoulder blades
    Great products as long as come from reliable sources and not from being grown in toxic soils
    Great article

  3. I don’t have a favorite but I’ve been looking into CBD oil to help with mood and depression. I just purchased a bottle and am starting with a low dosage to see how my body handles it and will go up from there.

  4. My experience with CBD oil has been very, very good. I have a lot of arthritic pain that I keep at bay with CBD. My shoulders had gotten so bad that I thought I might need surgery to take care of the problem.. I started taking CBD, and the pain went away, almost immediately. Now I take it every evening before bed, and my shoulder pain has not returned.

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