1. Is CBD Oil Safe for Cats and Dogs?

Not only is it generally considered to be safe, but it offers many of the same potential health benefits, as it does for humans. While CBD labeled for humans can be given to some animals, keep in mind that you would need to know what the proper dosage is first. Additionally, some companies actually target pets, making products specifically tailored for them. It’s best to consult with your veterinarian first.



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2. Do I Need a Prescription?

No, in the United States, legal CBD products do not currently require a prescription from a doctor. A prescription would only be indicated in cases where THC content is much, much higher. THC is the chemical responsible for the feeling of being “high.” Even then, of course, you’d only be able to obtain a prescription from a licensed MD in locations where medical marijuana is legal. As of now, there are only a small number of states where this is the case, including Maryland, Colorado, Maine, and a few others. If you live outside the US, you’ll have to check with your own local laws.

3. Does CBD Oil Expire?

While it generally has a long shelf-life, just about everything expires sooner or later. How long a product is good for is based on a number of factors. When dealing with CBDs, keep in mind that we’re not just speaking strictly of oils. CBD products come in many forms, and each with their own chemical composition and shelf-life. As with most products, you should be able to locate an expiration, or a “best by,” date somewhere on the packaging. If you don’t see one, contact the company directly, and they should be happy to answer that, and any other questions you may have specific to any of their products.

4. Is it Safe to take with my Meds?

CBDs are generally considered to be safe, and are not known for causing problems with other common medications. That said, I’m obligated to inform you that you should always consult with your physician before adding alternative medications, or supplements, to your daily routine. There could be certain instances where it might lessen the effect of another medication, so please make sure there are no concerns before you take it. 

5. Can I give CBD Products to my Children?

Cannabis oils, and other CBD products, are generally just as safe for a child as for any adult, however dosing must always be taken into consideration. Some CBD products are made, and specifically targeted, for children.  Just keep in mind the same cautionary warnings as mentioned above in question #4 of this post.

6. What are the Side Effects of CBD Oils?

While side effects are not very common, and most people do not experience any harmful effects from taking CBD oils, or other CBD products, some people may experience sleepiness, increased or decreased appetite etc. Although, im not really sure I’d call them side effects, as they’re actions reasons someone might want to take it in the first place. Anyway,  just to be clear, there is always the possibility of unwanted or negative effects, no matter how slight.

7. Can you get a High from CBD Oil?

No, CBD products, without THC, can not get anyone high. Only CBDs that also have a high THC content can have that effect, but then those products are still outlawed in most states anyway—at least without a medical marijuana prescription on file.

8. Is Hemp Oil Vegan?

In its natural state, without additives, absolutely, as it is plant-derived and does not contain any animal products. However, once other various ingredients are added to the CBD oil, such as to create things like gel caps or gummies, it would of course be depandant on what, specifically, those other ingredients are. If you’re wondering if there are vegan gummies and capsules options available, there absolutely are. You’d just want to check each product label before purchase. Generally speaking, however, when a product is vegan, companies will likely advertise that as an incentive to target consumers. As a general rule, if it doesn’t say vegan on the packaging, it’s best to ask. However, if you’d like to save yourself some time, here’s a list of some vegan options currently available on the market: BEST VEGAN CBD PRODUCTS.



9. Will CBD Make you Fail a Drug Test?

Maybe, but very rarely. Some CBD products do contain trace amounts of THC, one of the chemicals drug tests look for, but in MOST cases, the amount is so minimal that it would not even be detectable. In fact, many CBDs are lab tested revealing no THC at all. This is definitely information any reputable CBD company should have available on their website. You should also be able to check the official lab results for the precise levels of THC present in any given product. Again, many CBD company’s will have relevant lab analysis publicly available for viewing.

10. Is it Safe to take CBD Products while Pregnant or Breastfeeding?

—”Are CBD products safe for my baby?”

This answer to this is the same as for question #5, regarding safety of CBD in children. Yes, it is generally considered safe, but please have a conversation with your OBGYN, midwife, or primary care physician beforehand. Because they are not FDA approved, there is a lack of official clinical trials available.


11. Does CBD Oil Contain any Common Allergens?

I have never heard of anyone having an allergic reaction to hemp itself, though that doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened, or that is isn’t capable of happening. Basically, it’s ridiculously unlikely to occur. What you do have to look out for is oils mixed with other ingredients, such as coconut oil. If you have a nut allergy, you may want to find an alternative CBD oil that does not contain coconut. (Although, if you don’t have an allergy you to coconut,  it’s an excellent carrier oil.) Now, as for CBD products, again that would naturally depend on other ingredients used, and would thus vary from product to product, and from company to company. I would highly recommend that if you have a known allergy, you simply double check the product label for the list of ingredients, to see if that particular item contains something you shouldn’t consume. Once again, when in doubt, contact the manufacturer directly with any questions or concerns you have.

12. Are HEMP Oil and CBD Oil the Same?

Yes and no. Let me explain, as this can be confusing. What it really comes down to is this: not all “hemp” oil contains CBD, and not all CBD oil contains hemp.

Some hemp oils, labeled as food, are simply nutritional supplements without any CBD in them. Some CBD oils, labeled as supplements, are made from the hemp plant (CBD Hemp Oil), and some are made from the marijuana plant. To confuse things even further, some CBD oils made from marijuana (the now legal in all 50 states CBD oils) DO NOT have THC, while other CBD oils made from marijuana (CBD/THC medical marijuana oils), and are only legal in certain states. Yeah, you might have to re-read that a few times… or just watch this short video below.


13. What is the Best CBD for… ?

So, you want to know the best CBD oil for a specific condition, such as anxiety, autism, chronic pain, liver cancer, your dog’s itchy skin, depression, a good nights’ sleep etc, right? While many CBDs are found to be benefitical to overall health, there certainly are some strains that are known to have significantly more impact in some areas than in others. Dosing also comes in to play here, as well. For example, you may take a daily dose of a particular CBD product as a supplement to your usual diet, just as you might with Garlic Oil, Vit D3, or Magnesium, but a much higher dose of the exact same product could be used when targeting for specific results. There are also products made  for treating certain conditions, as well. You’ll see some CBDs advertised specifically for pain or anxiety. For this, I have compliled a THE BEST CBD OIL FOR… list. Another huge time-saving review. If you click on the link, and head on over to that page, you will find my top picks relevant to a number of different conditions.




Have a question not answered here? Send me a message, or comment below, and I’ll be happy to help.

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  1. I have always wanted to try CBD oils! I appreciate how you answer all of these questions. I was wondering about CBD oil for my dog as well as for my husband’s knee. Are you familiar with the topical creams as well? I live in California, so we have a lot to choose from when it comes to products. I was also wondering if you know if there is a particular brand that will help you increase your appetite without the THC? Thank you!

    1. Thank you for leaving your comment 🙂

      Yes, I am aware of topicals such as creams and salves. It’s truly amazing just how many beneficial products can be made from CBD oils. I’m still learning about new ones all the time. It’s a fast-paced industry, and one has to really make an effort to keep up with the latest information.

      There are a number of excellent products currently available to help with increasing appetite. I’m working on my next article, as we speak. Look for my “BEST CBD FOR… “ article to be published in the coming week, where I’ll highlight my top picks for various specific indications. I’ll be sure to include one for best appetite stimulant for you as well.

      Thanks again!

    1. Thank you for sharing. My Dad takes it for his cancer as well. I’ve heard so many wonderful testimonies to the healing power of CBDs. It’s truly amazing!

  2. I know that my dad just recently started taking a cbd pill and oil on his tongue. His friend says it is a miracle drug. My dad has Parkinson’s, and I can tell you that his speech along has improved. Before, it was really hard to understand anything he said. Now he sounds 10 years younger. I don’t know if it has any thing to do with the cbd oil, but he is going to keep taking it. Great questions and answers to some questions that were floating in my mind.

  3. I am glad I found this article. CBD oils are very beneficial for our health especially for people with anxiety or depression conditions.
    I liked that you covered most of the questions asked about the consumption of this oil.
    And it is also important to distinguish that even though hemp seeds are closely related to marijuana family, it is not the same.

  4. Great post, many of the questions I had have been answered by this post.

    I just have one question, I battle with eczema and was told to use the cream for it, I did try it but it seemed to get much worse.

    I tried to find out the exact oils that was mixed with the cream I bought but the ingredients was not very specific. I was told that I should wait a while for my eczema to clear then to try it again to see if it was the cream or possibly something else.
    I do have very sensitive skin and was wondering if it could be the CBD that i could have reacted to or another oil maybe mixed into the cream itself. Personally I am to scared to test it out again as it took months for my skin to recover. So i guess I’m possibly one of the unlikely cases.

    1. Great question! Thanks for asking. Can you tell me the name of the cream you used? I’ll see what I can find out, both in terms of the cream you tried, as well as an alternative that could be much better for you.

  5. I’m a big fan of CBD oil, especially for helping me sleep. I think it’s definitely a better alternative to other synthetic drugs out there and can help with a ton of health issues. Are there any negative effects from long-term use? Thanks for sharing!

    1. That’s a great question, Will!

      While there is a lack of long-term studies, the fact is that CBD, or Cannabidiol, is a chemical produced inside your own body through your endocannabiniodal system, and as such is a natural element to our bodies. People have been using it medicinally since ancient times. While there can be some mild side effects associated with CBD use, it’s widely accepted as safe, and non habit-forming, for both long term and short term use.

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